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February 20 2016


Chamonix Accommodation

Chamonix Accommodation
Chamonix reached enjoyed its golden age after the 19th century. It turned out an important stop around the grand tour of Europe, alongside Paris, Rome and Venice. Coupled with drawn adventurers, scientists and Romantic poets. The centre of Chamonix with the turn of the 20th century had farms alongside the grand hotels. And also the town held the inaugural winter Olympics in 1924.

Chamonix Apartments

However, with all the two great wars Chamonix lost a number of its shine. A number of the grand hotels went bust as well as the town entered into a lengthy decline.

With the opening of the Mont Blanc tunnel in the 60s linking Chamonix to Italy Chamonix once again appeared on the map. Along with the advent of extreme skiing, along with pioneers such as Sylvain Saudan, Chamonix was firmly back on the map.

However, it was mainly ski bums and hardy mountaineers who frequented Chamonix during those times. The town had a lot of spit and sawdust pubs, and aside from tacky souvenir shops, there is a plethora of mountaineering shops. Recently, however, town has begun to change.

There's been a lot of investment in Chamonix and its environs. The public places have been smartened up, the lift systems upgraded plus more of an effort has been created to encourage tourists to Chamonix. Not is the town happy to just sit on its laurels because home of Mont Blanc.

Plus the town undergoing a face lift with boutique shopping and fashionable bars, so too contains the Chamonix accommodation. There is now lots of different accommodation choices from smart hotels to luxury catered chalets. And consequently Chamonix has started to attract the kind of clientele that before it could possibly only dream of.

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